Cetus Capital Acquisition Corp. Shareholders Approve Business Combination By Investing.com

Cetus Capital Acquisition Corp. Shareholders Approve Business Combination By Investing.com

In a special meeting held on Monday, Cetus Capital Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ:CETU) shareholders voted in favor of a business combination with MKD Technology Inc. and related proposals. The Delaware-based “blank check” company, which focuses on the real estate and construction sectors, announced the approval of all proposed items at the meeting, which took place with a quorum of 66.42% of outstanding shares.

The business combination agreement between Cetus Capital and MKD Technology Inc., initially dated June 20, 2023, was approved with an overwhelming majority, as was the proposal to issue more than 20% of the total issued and outstanding ordinary shares of MKDWELL Tech Inc., a British Virgin Islands company, pursuant to Nasdaq’s listing rules.

In addition, shareholders approved the MKDWELL Tech Inc. 2024 Share Incentive Plan and amendments to PubCo’s memorandum and articles of association. The governance provisions within the Proposed PubCo Charter were also passed on an advisory basis.

Furthermore, an amendment proposal to the Existing Charter of the Company regarding the deletion and substitution of Section 9.2(a) and the removal of references to the “Redemption Limitation” was approved without any dissenting votes.

As a result of the approved business combination, shareholders holding 2,029,934 shares of the Class A common stock issued in the initial public offering exercised their right to redeem their shares. This action will withdraw approximately $21.86 million from the company’s trust account, equating to roughly $10.77 per share.

In other recent news, Cetus Capital Acquisition Corp. has announced an extension to its merger agreement with MKD Technology Inc. The deadline for this business combination has been moved to August 5, 2024, allowing for additional time to satisfy closing conditions and finalize the merger. It’s important to note that this extension was formalized through a Sixth Addendum to the Business Combination Agreement.

The merger aims to bring MKD Technology Inc. and MKDWELL Limited, a British Virgin Islands company, under Cetus Capital’s umbrella. In a related development, Cetus Capital’s stockholders approved an extension amendment to the company’s certificate of incorporation, enabling Cetus to extend the period for completing its initial business combination. To support this extension, an additional $50,000 was deposited into the company’s trust account.

The merger, subject to customary closing conditions, is part of Cetus Capital’s strategy to expand its investment portfolio in the technology sector. The combined entity, to be named MKDWELL Tech Inc., has filed relevant materials with the SEC. As Cetus Capital progresses with the merger process, investors and stockholders are encouraged to review the company’s SEC filings for further details.

InvestingPro Insights

As Cetus Capital Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ:CETU) moves forward with its business combination with MKD Technology Inc., investors are keeping a close eye on the company’s financial health and market performance. According to real-time data from InvestingPro, Cetus Capital boasts a market capitalization of approximately $29.57 million USD. Despite the recent shareholder approval for the business combination, it’s important to note that the stock is trading at a high earnings multiple with a P/E ratio of 205.09. This indicates that investors are paying a premium for earnings, which could be a point of caution for value-focused investors.

InvestingPro Tips suggest that CETU’s stock has experienced significant price volatility, with a notable decline over the last six months. This aligns with the broader trend observed in the market, where investors have been cautious about stocks with higher volatility. Moreover, the company’s short-term obligations exceeding its liquid assets could raise concerns about its liquidity position.

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