Business Insider’s Campbell on covering financial companies

Business Insider’s Campbell on covering financial companies

Dakin Campbell

Russell Sherman of “Press Profiles” interviews Business Insider’s chief financial correspondent Dakin Campbell about his job and what stories he covers.

“I’ve known for a couple of years now that my calls are not always welcome,” said Campbell, who previously worked at Bloomberg News.

Campbell says he strives to be “super fair” to his subjects and his sources. He looks for stories that aren’t already known about people or companies.

“Maybe that sounds very simple,” he said. “…I’m really looking to bring sunlight to areas of these companies that I cover that deserve more sunlight.”

He said the job as a journalist is to understand the systems that readers may not understand and to go deep into those systems — investing banking or trading — and explain them to readers in as simple a way as possible.

Campbell says he doesn’t think about potential change or impact when he is working on a story.

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