Business Insider taps Nicoll to cover private equity

Business Insider taps Nicoll to cover private equity

Alex Nicoll

Alex Nicoll is now the private equity reporter at Business Insider.

He previously was covering real estate, the tensions between real estate investors, tenants, and homeowners, and how technology and material conditions are changing the buildings we spend our time in.

He’s previously written about the real reasons that Zillow Offers lost so much money on homes during a historic bull market, the historic amount of money investors are pouring into the housing market and why they may be squeezing out ordinary homebuyers, how student loan forgiveness could jumpstart the housing market, how Better CEO Vishal Garg went from a celebrated startup CEO to an avatar for bad bosses everywhere, and a real estate’s scion new cryptocurrency that’s backed by gold he says is buried near Las Vegas.

He previously worked for Bridgewater Associates and Peloton.

He graduated from Boston College with a bachelor’s degree in English and then from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism with a master’s degree.

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