Business Insider CEO wants readers coming to site twice a week

Business Insider CEO wants readers coming to site twice a week

Business Insider CEO Barbara Peng sent out the following to the staff on Thursday:


During our last all hands call, we unveiled our new “North Star” metric — 2+ Days on Site per week.

Historically, our guiding metric has been “visits.” We used this metric to tell us what our audience loves and wants more of, and hep us iterate to better serve them every day.

With our new strategy, we are focused on becoming the daily go-to publication covering business, tech, and innovation for a specific core audience: Disruptive Go-Getters (DGGs), people who are optimistic, driven, and always looking forward.

While traffic (“visits”) remains important to us, we needed to find a new metric to help guide us to better serve DGGs, focusing our efforts on becoming a daily routine for more and more of them.

Our new “North Star” metric is 2+ Days on Site per week and our goal is to grow that number over time.

2+ Days on Site per week is a critical inflection point. When people come to us 2 days a week, they are nearly 200% more likely to return the following week. If we can positive impact this number, it means we’re better serving our audience and becoming a routine for more people.

We took a lot of care to define this metric, and it was a great collaboration between editorial, P&T, and business.

A special thank you to Leah Pan and Jenna Eubank who led this effort! They are planning a “roadshow” soon to partner with each team on how we can best utilize this new metric.


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