Boston actual property agent Christian Smith to compete on ‘The Bachelorette’



The 27-year-old “sees romance in everything,” according to his cast biography.

Christian, a candidate on ABC’s The Bachelorette, is from the Boston area. (ABC)

By Hayley Kaufman, The Boston Globe

May 19, 2021

After the controversy for “The Bachelor” last season, ABC decided to return with two parts of “The Bachelorette”, one with Katie Thurston and the other with Michelle Young, both fan favorites from Matt James’ tumultuous last run.

Thurston’s season begins June 7th, so ABC has released the extensive list of her suitors, one of whom (drumroll, please) is a real estate agent based in the Boston area.

Get to know Christian – his last name is Smith, but in “Bachelorette” parlance he is only introduced by his first name – a 27 year old “who sees romance in everything”.

But of course he does.

The biography continues: His “parents have been married since their early twenties and Christian says he dreams of finding love for as long as hers. He spends a lot of time with his family and says that he wants the woman he ends up with to love them as much as he does because they are honestly a good time! “

Besides hanging out with family, Christian apparently spends a lot of time at work. According to ABC, he’s a fairly successful real estate agent who has sold more than $ 25 million worth of real estate, most of which appears to be on the North Shore and south of New Hampshire.

Christian’s LinkedIn page also boasts of his sales expertise, noting that he is in the top 20 percent of Keller Williams’ top real estate agents in Great Boston. And given the Bostonians’ endless fascination with property talks, this guy is probably great at parties, right?

A few quirky facts about Christian, who also appears to be a former Saint Anselm hockey player. For one, “he dreams of driving the Batmobile one day” and really, who doesn’t? Second, he preferred a fauxhawk, which we can call youthful clothing indiscretion. According to ABC, “he loves parades” and is known to indulge in “mixed martial arts fights”.

“Bachelorette” fans can take a look at the new local candidate in the “Meet the Men” video that ABC posted on Twitter on Tuesday. There is an excerpt in which Christian and all the other suitors speak directly to the camera about Thurston. But look carefully. At some point we see a gentleman on a stage who rips off tear-off pants à la Channing Tatum in “Magic Mike”.

It looks a lot like a particular real estate agent.