Best Restaurants, Bars, and Food Businesses

Best Restaurants, Bars, and Food Businesses


Here’s a look at the restaurant winners — and some other food and beverage companies — for this year’s awards.

Peach Farm lobster with ginger and spring onions. / Photo by Brian Samuels

On a rainy May afternoon, I was wandering around Boston on a random chowder tour. I was just planning to double-check the winner the Boston team had in mind for this year’s Best of Boston chowder category – but then I thought of another one nearby that I felt might that it should be tried, and another. I definitely don’t recommend eating three bowls of chowder in a single afternoon. But that’s how we approach our Best of Boston research: with endless enthusiasm, a little concern for our well-being, and intent on bringing you a thoroughly researched guide to the best of the best in food, drink , shopping, service, etc. to offer more.

Our Best of Boston 2023 edition is available now; You can find it at Whole Foods, Stop & Shop and Barnes & Noble, among others. Featuring over 70 restaurant winners in the main restaurant category, as well as some neighboring restaurant winners in other categories. (For example, the Best Date Night With Your Doggo category ran in the Best of Boston shopping section, but here on the Boston restaurant side, we also love the winner, the Park-9 Dog Bar. It’s a bar, after all – and also for humans!)

A bowl of soup garnished with bacon, a drizzle of green oil and finely chopped chives is shown against a marble background.  Oyster crackers and a bun are served as side dishes.

New England clam chowder from The Banks Fish House with Berkshire pork belly and chive oil. / Photo by Joe St Pierre, styling by Joy Howard

Putting together this annual pack is a major team effort: Boston staff and contributors are encouraged to research a wide range of categories within and outside of their usual areas of expertise. We try and test and try more relentlessly and anonymously, sharing information between our departments and alerting one another to neighborhood favorites and unsung heroes. We highlight new and old places; In many categories we stay close to the city, in others we let the suburbs shine. And the categories may change every year. So if we’re missing your favorite neighborhood, dish or cuisine this year, stay tuned: it might show up (again) next year.

With that in mind, we would like to say that we are very excited about our 2023 selections and hope that as you peruse the list you will find some new dishes to enjoy or old favorites to revisit. The full list of the 70+ Main Gastronomy winners can be found here. However, we’ve compiled an index below that includes all of the gastronomic winners of this year’s Best of Boston.

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environment, occasion or type of meal

Looking for soul food with a pinch of soul music, elaborate tasting menus or the freshest raw food bar? Find these and more in this category.

A hand pours icing sugar onto a stack of eight fluffy pancakes filled with fruity pebbles and drizzled with pink cream.

Lincoln Tavern Fruity Pebbles Pancakes with English Cereal Milk. / Photo by Joe St Pierre, styling by Joy Howard

Drink Destinations

bars, breweries and more.

A hand holds a pale orange-pink cocktail in elegant glasses on a dark bar.

A cocktail at Farmacia. / Photo by Chris Vela

favorite dishes

A few classics and some fun newer dishes, this is where you’ll find the crispiest chicken, the juiciest burger and the most heavenly…wheat cream?

A very crispy fried chicken sandwich topped with pickles and ranch.

Bisq’s Fried Chicken Sandwich. / Photo by Joe St Pierre, styling by Joy Howard

sweet treats

Leave room for dessert.

Three elaborate croissants with different toppings lie on white plates on a white marble surface.

The kind of croissants you might find at Lakon Paris Patisserie in a weekend. / Photo by Joe St Pierre, styling by Joy Howard

The best of the new

Highlighting the best spots opened in the last year.

A gold tray of Middle Eastern pastries sits on a blue-green tile floor, with some lattes to the side.

Drinks and snacks at Madhouse Cafe. / Photo by Brian Samuels

Neighborhood favorites

The kind of place you’d want to cozy up to a few nights a week if you live nearby. (We offer a rotating selection of neighborhoods each year, so if you don’t see your neighborhood, stay tuned for 2024.)

Top view of five hearty dishes of meat, rice and salad in a Middle Eastern restaurant, laid out on a tablecloth with silver stars on it.

A selection of dishes at Ashur Restuarant. / Photo by Brian Samuels

  • Best Neighborhood Restaurant, Back Bay: Crazy Good Kitchen
  • Best Neighborhood Restaurant, Chinatown: Peach Farm
  • Best Downtown Neighborhood Restaurant: Democracy Brewing
  • Best Neighborhood Restaurant, East Boston: Tertulia’s Cafe
  • Best Neighborhood Restaurant, Jamaica Plain: Tres Gatos
  • Best Neighborhood Restaurant, North End: Parla
  • Best Neighborhood Restaurant, Roxbury: Ashur Restaurant
  • Best Neighborhood Restaurant, Seaport: Chickadee
  • Best Neighborhood Restaurant, South Boston: Moonshine 152
  • Best Neighborhood Restaurant, South End: Coppa

industry people

Find these people and eat their food/drink their drinks.

A bearded man wearing glasses and a baseball cap is standing in a professional kitchen, wearing a denim apron and looking at the camera.

Kendall DaCosta. / Photo by Pat Piasecki

world cuisines

Take a trip across the globe without leaving the city.

A large black bowl is filled with bowl slices and red broth, topped with plenty of chili flakes and chopped green onions.

Yunnan Kitchen Cooked Pork in Chili Oil. / Photo by Rachel Leah Blumenthal

Beyond Boston

Road trip-worthy destinations further from the city.

Nightshade Noodle Bar. / Photo by Alyssa Blumstein


Some of our favorite food and beverage winners from the non-restaurant sections of Best of Boston, from a whimsical art gallery inside a brewery to a distillery that doubles as a beautiful wedding or event venue.

Polkadog pet treats.


Edibles are food, right?

Bud’s goods and provisions.