BCD: Singapore Top Site for Asia/Pac Business Travel

BCD: Singapore Top Site for Asia/Pac Business Travel

Singapore was the top regional destination for Asia/Pacific business travelers last year, while Frankfurt topped the list of intercontinental destinations, according to BCD Travel’s Cities & Trends 2023 Asia Pacific Report.

BCD noted Singapore has been “an accessible and convenient destination for business” with 2023 passenger volume at Changi Airport reaching about 86 percent of pre-pandemic levels. The eight most traveled routes by business travelers in the region were flights to or from Singapore, according to the report. Singapore was followed by Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur as the top destinations for travelers within the region, according to the report, based on BCD flight and rail data.

Shanghai ranked sixth on the list, and China overall ranked second behind Singapore in countries visited by Asia/Pacific business travelers, BCD said. The report noted international business travel to China has lagged domestic recovery within the country.

“Domestic air travel is at 17 percent above 2019 levels, while international air travel is still recovering,” according to the report. “Factors such as a shortage of flights, high ticket prices and administrative hurdles in obtaining visas have contributed to this slower recovery.”

Frankfurt was the top intercontinental location for Asia/Pacific business travelers, with three of the top four most-traveled intercontinental routes in the region to the German business hub—from Bangalore, Shanghai and Tokyo. London, Amsterdam, San Francisco and Munich rounded out the top five intercontinental destinations, though the United States was the most visited country by intercontinental travelers in the region, followed by Germany.

The report also noted that Asia/Pacific business travelers are less likely to fly on business class on intercontinental flights than U.S. travelers but more likely than their European counterparts. For Asia/Pacific business travelers, 49 percent of intercontinental flights were booked in business class. By comparison, 53 percent of U.S. intercontinental flights were booked in business class, and 47 percent of European intercontinental business flights were booked for the front of the cabin.

On regional flights within Asia/Pacific, however, only 17 percent of travelers booked business class, the report indicated.

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