AW-ARCH Promotes Five – Boston Real Estate Times

AW-ARCH Promotes Five – Boston Real Estate Times

CAMBRIDGE, MA–AW ARCH announce the appointment of five of its employees, all of whom have made significant contributions to the studio since joining the company.

Daria Solomon was named senior associate, Emily Whitbeck was promoted to associate, and Yichu Jiang, Ana Arenas and Paul Wood were named senior designers.

Daria Solomon manages complex, multi-layered projects, demonstrating great expertise and a comprehensive understanding of the many aspects of each project. She is a quick thinker and communicates excellently with clients, builders, fabricators and design team members.

Emily Whitbeck started at AW-ARCH as a graduate student at MIT. Her perspective, extensive knowledge and understanding of what it takes to successfully complete a project make her an integral part of the success of our work and our office culture.

Yichu Jiang, Ana ArenasAnd Paul Wood all joined our studio in the same year. To their great credit, each brought extensive architectural backgrounds to AW-ARCH and quickly found ways to develop individual skills that complement their project teams in unique and important ways.

AW-ARCH emphasizes professional development, mentors employees to instill a commitment to design excellence and innovation, and demonstrates its collaborative design approach to ensure successful project outcomes.