Atkinson, Business Insider chief media correspondent, departs

Atkinson, Business Insider chief media correspondent, departs

Claire Atkinson

Claire Atkinsonthe chief media correspondent at Business Insider, has left after nearly three years.

She joined in November 2020. Atkinson is starting a newsletter called The Media Mix.

She previously was at NBC News for three years as senior media editor. Atkinson previously was at The New York Post, where she covered the main media conglomerates, the music business, sports technology and advertising.

She has written about the global media industry for more than 20 years. Her reporting credits include Variety, Broadcasting & Cable and Hollywood Reporter.

Atkinson has covered the Oscars, Sun Valley mogul camp, the Sundance Film Festival and the Cannes Lions advertising festival. She traveled all over Eastern Europe reporting on the emerging markets for American television programming during the ’90s.

Before joining Advertising Age in December 2002, Atkinson was a freelancer for three years in the UK, writing for the British edition of Entertainment Weekly, The Express, The Independent, and the Observer, among others. Before that, she was an associate editor in London for UK’s edition of Mediaweek.

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