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Alma Wahlberg, the mother of the entertainers Mark and Donnie Wahlberg and a regular on her reality series “Wahlburgers”, has died, her sons said on social media on Sunday. She was 78 years old.

“My angel. Rest in peace,” tweeted Mark Wahlberg.

Donnie Wahlberg posted a lengthy tribute to his mother on his Instagram account.

“It’s time to rest peacefully, mom,” wrote Donnie Wahlberg. “I love you, miss you, thank you and will celebrate you today and always.”

No information was given as to the cause, date or place of her death. Donnie Wahlberg often wrote about his mother on his accounts and informed his fans about her health in July. He wrote that she “did not remember much and was often confused, but somehow she was still Alma”.

Born in Boston, the mother of nine children became a household name thanks to her appearances in the A&E series “Wahlburgers” about the family’s burgeoning burger chain.

“She didn’t apologize for who she was, she never put herself above others. She kicked our butts when we screwed up, kicked others’ butts when they messed up us. Taught us right and made us pay the price when we were wrong, ”wrote Donnie Wahlberg on Sunday. “She was the epitome of the word grace.”

He also added a video of them dancing to one of her favorite Regina Belle songs, “If I Could,” at his wedding. He wrote that she danced to this song at every her children’s wedding, but on her own he surprised her by having Belle there to play it live.

On the show “Today” in 2018, Alma Wahlberg spoke about her parenting and how difficult it was early on. “I invented the craziest meals,” she said. English muffin pizzas were among her creations to feed her hungry lot.

Quite a few of their children achieved great success and celebrities. Her son Paul Wahlberg, the head chef of the burger chain of the same name, also named the Alma Nove restaurant in Hingham, Massachusetts after her.

“People know me as the mother of famous children, and while that fact has brought many gifts into my life and opened up opportunities that might otherwise never have been possible, there is much more to my story than most people know. “Alma Wahlberg said in an interview with Boston’s WCVB-TV in 2018.” I’ve lived with alcoholism and abuse; struggled with poverty and experienced great wealth; lost so many that I loved; struggle to raise nine children and I love them more than anything; watch them suffer, learn, and come out on the other side; lost myself; found me again and again; and kept moving forward no matter what. “

Alma Wahlberg is survived by eight children. Their daughter Debbie died in 2003.

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