Alabama hands out 20 medical cannabis business licenses in third try

Alabama hands out 20 medical cannabis business licenses in third try

Alabama regulators have issued 20 medical cannabis business licenses to dispensaries, cultivators, processors, transportation providers and testing labs.

Licenses are expected to be handed out 28 days after they have been awarded, so medical marijuana production could begin in early January.

The Friday development marked the third time the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC) has tried to issue MMJ licenses.

The first two attempts prompted lawsuits and industry backlash:

The first, in June was voided after applicants alleged in lawsuits that the methodology used by the University of South Alabama to score applications was inconsistent.

The second try, in August, was rescinded after applicants who lost out in that round also filed lawsuits.

The 20 businesses licensed Friday must pay applicable fees by Dec. 15, which is also the date applicants denied for licenses can request an investigative hearing before the AMCC for reconsideration.

Integrated facility licenses for large companies and multistate operators will be issued Dec. 12, according to state regulators.

Those licenses have sparked most of the litigation.

The AMCC has received 38 applications for integrated facilities and can award a maximum of five under state law, according to

Physicians will begin certifying MMJ patients after business licenses are issued.

Here’s a breakdown of all the license winners.


  • Capitol Medical.
  • CCS of Alabama.
  • GP6 Wellness.
  • RJK Holdings AL.


  • CRC of Alabama.
  • Creek Leaf Wellness.
  • Greenway Botanicals.
  • Gulf Shore Remedies.
  • I Am Farms.
  • Native Black Cultivation.
  • Twisted Herb Cultivation.


  • Coosa Medical Manufacturing.
  • 1819 Labs.
  • Jasper Development Group.
  • Organic Harvest Lab.


  • Alabama Secure Transport.
  • International Communication.
  • Pick Up My Things.
  • Tyler Van Lines.

Testing Labs:

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