Actual Property Startup Nexme Launches Companies in Booming Boston Residential Actual Property Market


“We decided to expand our services to Boston because it is a great city to live in and we believe that Nexme customers will love it. It is a lively, walk-through city with good schools, technical innovations, cultural diversity and much more.

Seattle-area real estate startup Nexme today announced the expansion of its home buying and selling platform to the greater Boston area. Boston, Massachusetts home buyers and sellers now have instant access to homes for sale through the Nexme Tour Now feature, which offers virtual and live home tours. Nexme’s Make a Offer features allow home buyers to make an offer upon request. The start also includes a Boston-wide partnership with Total Mortgage Services LLC.

“We decided to expand our services to Boston because it is a great city to live in and we believe Nexme customers will love it,” said Arian Abdulkader, Founder and CEO of Nexme. “It is a lively, accessible city with good schools, technical innovations, cultural diversity and much more. Eighty percent of the population of Massachusetts live there. From the point of view of the market, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a certain buying frenzy that the buyer has not yet slowed down. Buyers want to see their homes virtually instantly and be able to make an instant offer that Nexme can help them with. “

What’s bringing Nexme to Boston?

Nexme simplifies and streamlines the home buying and selling process. Nexme offers home buyers instant access to full-service homes and real estate agents. Unlike other real estate services that require buyers to commit to an agent immediately, Nexme does not need to be committed until buyers are ready to submit an offer. Nexme also saves money for buyers and sellers. Unlike other real estate companies with a 3% listing fee, Nexme brokers agree to a 1.5% listing fee. Other real estate agents also charge a 3% brokerage fee. Nexme agents agree to a 1.5% commission, so home buyers can get 50% of that commission back to themselves. This can be used for all prepaid items that are part of completing a sale, e.g. B. Home insurance, taxes, and more. Nexme’s partnership with Total Mortgage in Boston will help buyers get the best possible mortgage rates.

“In the past few months, companies across all industries have turned to digitization,” said Andrew Penner, director of marketing for Total Mortgage Services, LLC. “Nexme has managed to leverage and distill the complexity of a real estate transaction to an intuitive digital process that enables buyers to request pre-approval and submit an offer immediately. In highly competitive markets like Boston, this can be a huge advantage. “

Boston real estate at a glance

  • Boston is popular: 80% of Massachusetts residents live in Boston.

  • It’s at an all-time high: average single-family home prices rose 5.3% in July 2020.
  • Boston Home Market: Housing stock is low with no buyer traction slowing.
  • Schools: Universities such as Boston University, Harvard, and MIT attract an international community looking to buy a home during their stay.
  • Tech Hub: In addition to the tech giants Amazon, Microsoft and Google with large locations in the greater Boston area, there are also startups such as Wayfair, Hubspot and TripAdvisor.

Reinvent real estate

“Real estate is a dinosaur compared to other industries. It didn’t really innovate and put the customer at the center of the process. Nexme is changing that, ”says Abdulkader. “With innovation, people can buy groceries, shoes and cars and enjoy those items on the same day. We believe real estate should be more like e-commerce. simple, transparent and even fun. It is an investment to live in and one of the most important transactions in a person’s life. Real estate is a $ 1 trillion plus market. We believe it is time to change the dynamics and put control back in the hands of home buyers and sellers, and that is exactly what Nexme is doing. “

About Nexme

Nexme is the Seattle-based startup that is rethinking real estate by putting people at the center of the home buying and selling experience. Nexme’s on-demand full service agents are available to show homes and help buyers submit a bid with the push of a button. There is no obligation to stay with a broker until a buyer is ready to make an offer. Our agents agree to a 1.5% commission (half the industry standard), saving both buyers and sellers huge amounts of money. Nexme also connects home buyers with mortgage lenders through its partners. Nexme is currently available in Washington State and the greater Boston, Massachusetts area. More information is available at

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