A Operating Checklist of Boston-Space Eating places Nonetheless Requiring Masks After Might 29


Massachusetts has all COVID-19 restrictions as of 29. However, not all restaurants plan to follow suit immediately, and there are a variety of reasons why not all customers are willing to take off masks.

For those who are not quite ready to venture into “normal” conditions, here is an ongoing list of restaurants in which both employees and customers must initially wear masks regardless of their vaccination status. (There is a range here, with some allowing masks to be removed only while actively eating or drinking, and others allowing mask removal once they are seated at an outdoor table and not interacting with staff. Details are provided below. )

Do you know of any other restaurant that should be on this list? Send an email to boston@eater.com.

  • 50 kitchen (1450 Dorchester Ave., Dorchester, Boston): Chef and owner Anthony Caldwell plans to maintain various pandemic guidelines for the time being, including wearing masks and a 90-minute meal limit. Both indoor and outdoor catering are available.
  • Bow market (1 Bow Market Way, Union Square, Somerville): The open-air collection of food and retail vendors – including Remnant Brewing, Rebel Rebel, Saus, Hooked Fish Shop, and more – will continue to require masks in their interiors and order them for the time being . However, there is no obligation to wear a mask outdoors. Bow employees and business owners will continue to wear masks for the time being.
  • Brassica Kitchen & Cafe (3710 Washington St., Jamaica Plain, Boston): Staff will remain masked for the time being, and customers are asked to remain masked when placing an order, collecting groceries, or moving around the room. However, the masks can be removed once you are seated on the patio.
  • Giulia (1682 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge): Customers must wear masks when interacting with staff and not actively eating or drinking.
  • Julia (21 Union Sq., Union Square, Somerville): The restaurant staff is fully vaccinated but will continue to wear masks and all customers are asked to do the same. Indoor dining will resume from June 3rd.
  • Oleana (134 Hampshire St., Cambridge): Masks are required in the building unless you are seated at a table.
  • blanket (310 Massachusetts Ave., Central Square, Cambridge): Indoor dining won’t be returning for the foreseeable future in Pagu, and masks are mandatory for both employees and customers on the patio.
  • Pammys (928 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge): Customers are required to wear a mask when arriving, moving around the restaurant, and interacting with staff, even if they are seated at a table.
  • Peregrine falcon (170 Charles St., Beacon Hill, Boston): Employees and customers are required to wear masks while dining indoors, but not outdoors.
  • sauce (33 Union St., Downtown Boston): The Saus Boston location will wait at least a week after May 29 to see the neighborhood return before dining inside, and masks will still be needed, except when you are sitting. The staff is not yet 100% vaccinated, but the owners are providing resources, including paid sick leave, so staff can get appointments.
  • Spoke Wine Bar (89 Holland St., Davis Square, Somerville): Spoke will remain outside dining for the time being, but customers are requested to wear masks when interacting directly with staff and entering the restroom.
  • Trina’s Starlite Lounge (3 Beacon St., Somerville): Staff are fully vaccinated but will continue to wear masks for the time being, and customers are also asked to wear masks when away from a table. (Unvaccinated customers should wear their masks around the table, except when eating and drinking.) Trina’s also keeps tables and bar stools two meters apart, and there is no standing room at the bar.