7 Twin Falls’ Favourite Eating places For Incredible Finger Steaks


Twin Falls loves their fingersteaks. So much so that there are many restaurants around Twin Falls and the Magic Valley that offer fingersteaks. Twin Falls residents have some of their favorites, and each is cooked in their own way.

Not all of these places are in Twin Falls, but I know Magic Valley residents will travel for a good fingersteak.

  • 1

    The Bay

    The bay in Twin Falls seems like the first place people mention when they talk about fingersteaks in Twin Falls. Some even say it’s the best place to get them.

  • 2

    Depot grill

    Depot Grill has some great finger steaks. They like to serve them with cocktail sauce and gravy. The fries they have are great too.

  • 3

    The snug

    The Snug Bar and Grill in Eden has great food. I actually know someone who had a nervous breakdown thinking the restaurant was going to close forever and she would never get her fingersteaks again. If that’s not a sign of good food, then I don’t know either.

  • 4th

    The GR

    They have some of the best reviews about their fingersteaks. I can’t think of a better place to enjoy a fingersteak than in a bar and in great surroundings.

  • 5

    Shake out

    I know when they had to close for a while people were incredibly disappointed that they couldn’t get milkshakes and fingersteaks from Shake Out. Fortunately, it’s open and you can enjoy it all over again.

  • 6th

    Jackson’s Kountry Korner

    This is a place I’ve never been to before but I heard their fingersteaks are absolutely worth it. I have to try it out

  • 7th

    Guppies Hot Rod Grill 2.0

    I’ve never had anything bad at Guppies Hot Rod Grille so I can imagine their fingersteaks being delicious too. They also have their own sauce which is pretty great.