25 greatest films set in Boston | Leisure


Boston is known for the distinctive accent of its residents, devoted sports fans, famous colleges and universities, and some of the largest hospitals in the country. Boston is a diverse city with a picturesque and historic backdrop, popular with locals and visitors alike. Because of this, Beantown has secured a place for itself not only in the hearts of many, but also on the big screen.

These films cover the full gamut for genre and decade. Whether it’s a film about a brilliant janitor with a traumatic history, an old Boston maid, a gangster turned informant, a pair of vigilante brothers, or a boxer trying to get out of his brother’s shadow, these films show Boston in all of its glory. These films often feature Bostonians who have become some of the entertainment industry’s biggest names.

To collect the top 25 movies playing in Beantown, Stacker has compiled data on the top rated movies and sorted them based on IMDb user ratings. To qualify, the film had to take place primarily in Boston and have at least 5,000 votes on IMDb. Ties were broken by IMDb votes.

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