18 Finest Eating places in Boston’s North Finish


Boston loves Italian food, and there is no better neighborhood to find it than the North End. In this center of Marinara, an eater will find handmade ricotta gnocchi, pizza margherita, arancini, veal saltimbocca and much more. The old Italian proverb “Chi Mangia Bene, Vive Bene” (meaning roughly “those who eat well, live well”) is a way of life for restaurants and restaurants in the North End.

From Hanover Street to Salem Street to North Square Park, this area has an incredibly high concentration of Italian-American restaurants, trattorias, delis and bakeries. Eaters can enjoy wine and food in style with an 8-course meal, or casually enjoy pizza and cannoli during the tour. With seemingly endless possibilities, the only difficult part is deciding where to eat.

Without further ado, here are 18 of the best restaurants in the North End.

Please note that some Massachusetts restaurants have resumed dining services. However, this should not be taken as confirmation of dining at the restaurant as safety concerns persist: For the latest information on coronavirus cases in the area, please visit the Massachusetts coronavirus website.

Studies show that there is less risk of exposure outdoors, but the risk associated with terrace dining depends on restaurants that follow strict social distancing and other safety guidelines. Right now, restaurants in Massachusetts have to set all tables six feet apart. Even so, there are still risks involved in eating outdoors. Masks still have to be removed for eating and drinking; Small outdoor tables and patios often don’t allow for adequate social distancing, especially when you’re hanging out with friends or family from another household. and when it comes to alcohol people tend to let their guards down. And while most Boston restaurants were allowed to dine al fresco again on March 22nd, restaurants in the North End will have to wait until April 1st.

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Note: The restaurants on this map are listed geographically.