15 Important Eating places in Portland, Maine

15 Essential Restaurants in Portland, Maine

A paella with squid ink from Chaval. | Brianna Soukup/Portland Portland Press Herald via Getty Images

It’s a seafood haven – and then some

From Boston, you can reach Portland, Maine in about two hours by bus from South Station or by train from North Station, and many of the city’s impressive restaurants are conveniently located on a three-mile-wide peninsula that’s walkable for many is reachable. These factors make Portland an ideal place for a weekend or even a day trip. Of course, you can hit up the area’s famous bars and breweries, interesting sandwich shops, and classic lobster joints, but this list focuses on the top restaurants where you can sit down for a memorable meal you won’t find anywhere else. Though their influences are international, these fifteen winners represent Maine’s largest city at its best.