10 p.m. Curfew to be Lifted for Vermont Bars and Eating places – NECN – Boston, Massachusetts


Vermont’s restaurants, bars and social clubs are open Saturday until 10 p.m., Governor Phil Scott announced on Friday.

Scott said he will keep the stay at home order as COVID-19 vaccination rates for 18-29 year olds rose from less than 30% to more than 50% in the last month. He said Vermont was 80% of the target population (12). He said he hoped to reach the age of (aged) and have at least one dose by next week. At that point, it will lift the remaining pandemic-related restrictions. As of Thursday, 77% of eligible Vermonts had been vaccinated, he said.

However, Vermont is keen to immunize as many people as possible, especially when viral variants are widespread, including recent reports on the status of the first variants identified in South Africa. Probably said Dr. Mark Levin, Minister of Health.

Walk-in vaccination clinics are held in Vermont on Fridays. Additional vaccination clinics are planned at the Rutland Holiday Inn and Burlington Farmers Market on long weekends, including Saturdays. At a concert on Thunder Road and the Orleans County Fair in Barre on Sunday. And on Monday at Northwestern Medical Center and Fairhaven Park and Ride, Scott said. A full list can be found on the Ministry of Health’s website. The following week, he said, there were more than 130 glimpses of walks, including many pharmacies.

“Get vaccinated and protect yourself and the people around you,” Levine said. “The good news is that the vaccine against the virus in general, including mutated strains, has been incredibly successful.”

The governor also announced on Friday that federal funding had increased the $ 1.5 million grant program for an affordable summer program for young people in Vermont to $ 3.85 million. His administration and Senator Bernie Sanders worked with the Vermont Afterschool to create the Summer Matters Initiative. According to Scott, approximately 100 grants will be awarded to programs in 13 Vermont counties.

“This summer will be important in helping young people in Vermont recover from the pandemic,” he said.

The funded program is expected to add 31,650 new summer program slots, said Holly Morehouse, executive director of Vermont Afterschool.

“98% of the programs selected have taken steps to offer low-cost or free programs to eligible children and young people, with average funded programs per week for parents and families. Save about $ 160 per week and $ 200 per child per week, ”she said. More than half offer transport options.

“Vermont has a small country that has never had a summer program, and it’s free for elementary school students in collaboration with the city library, parks and recreational departments, local artists, and other community members. We have several daily programs, ”she said.

She said she has a mobile art bath, maker area, and community music center to help create more free outdoor programs for kids and teens. There are also training counselors for middle school students, program jobs for young people, and lifeguard positions.

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